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Shift and Flow: Some Recent Reflections

I have been feeling a shift the last couple of days which culminated in a thought I had this evening in yoga class...

When we are young, we wait to “find ourselves.” That is a part of growing up, going on a gap year: to find our “true” identity.

But for me this always has implied personality.

And then I realised that finding oneself is really about finding ourselves in others.

Finding the unity in all and becoming less personally attached to an idea of ourself, aka our ego. Because when we are too focused on the “I” or “me,” well that’s when we take everything personally and get upset or offended with how people react or behave towards us. I am saying this from experience.

I have never been the biggest fan of The Secret or The Law of Attraction because I think they can make people overly positive and over desire, without leaving room for reflection and the full spectrum of emotion, BUT...

The more you realise that everything in life is part of the same flow, the more you can become at ease with the flow and swim WITH the stream.

The more we realise that WE HAVE CONTROL over our attitude: the way we act and are received, the more we can create better connections and become more positive about ourselves- who we are. And the more we SURRENDER to the flow of life, the more beautiful things seem to come to fruition

Obviously (or not so obviously), it’s not always light and love positivity, but acknowledging our anxieties and shadows, without becoming overly attached, is part of this process of self love. And then who knows, the world might start to look like a different, friendlier place

And finally- It’s okay to not be okay, but DON’T identify not being okay with who YOU are. Nothing is permanent!

Ramble over. The philosophical fruits of lockdown and Summer 2020


This post was taken from a personal post shared on Facebook / Instagram. Following the positive responses, I think I will begin to shift my blogs to shorter, more condensed and focused pieces I can share both on social media and on here! Follow me on IG @flossophyfashion , or email me at .

Thanks and stay safe <3

Floss xxx

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