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Interested in corporate or private group classes?

Having worked in a stressful corporate city job in London, and then coming to Cambridge for my Masters, I know how mentally and physically strenous these occupations can be. I also know how helpful yoga can be for anyone working on a desk, in a lab, or at a screen all day. That is why I am passionate about helping people feel better in their body, mind and spirit through yoga. Over the past 3.5 years, I have taught private group classes for Cambridge College students and local businesses. Interested in corporate yoga classes? Get in touch!

Why me?

My classes are much more than exercise classes but a holistic journey of self-discovery and empowerment.


In class, through movement, breathing and embodied attention, I encourage students to connect to themselves and their bodies, learning more about their anatomy experientially, to find better alignment and balance from the inside out.


Long term, this encourages students to become self-empowered, more connected, and better able to regulate themselves. 


This helps reduce pain in the body and burnout in the self, because better connected to our body and its messages, we can notice when we are becoming unbalanced. Yoga - movement and breath - then offers us the resources to find our centre again.

I can cater my classes to the specific needs of your group - whether that is chair yoga for back and shoulder pain, an energising lunchtime class, or something else.


Get in touch to discuss how I can help you!


Special offers 

With a wealth of specialist knowledge in the philosophy, history, and practice of yoga, I can offer special workshops for your workplace or group looking to go deeper into an aspect of yoga. 

Whether you are interested in one of my special 'Yoga for Calm' workshops, designed with Cambridge Uni students in mind, or would like a talk on the history and philosophy of yoga, I have you covered.

Some examples of what I can offer:


  • Yoga for Calm/Anti-Exam Stress Workshop 

  • Introductory Yoga History and Philosophy Talks

  • Yoga for Back Pain or Tight Hips Workshop

  • Introduction to Meditation Workshop

  • Chair Yoga Introduction

These can be offered both in-person in Cambridge and online, with recordings made available after the session.

Get in touch to enquire about pricing.

Interested in learning more?

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