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Yoga for the CORE! 15 mins

The Core is central to yoga & life - it is our CORE after all!

But our culture often associates core strength with 'wash board' abs. Thanks 2000's magazine culture...

The truth is, the core is not just the front of the abs/ belly, but the whole circumference of our torso - the sides and the back too!

The second truth is, having a strong and stabilising core is not about gripping, holding, or having 'hard' muscles, but about regulating those muscles - through breathe, movement and muscle tone.

This is why yoga is SO AMAZING for building a strong core - not through holding or tensing, but stabilising through movement which shifts the weight and load on the body, in order to activate our core, in order to stabilise us through that movement.

This is how yogi's move so gracefully. Yogic strength is not about gripping, but knowing how to let go.

Want to learn more about yogic strength through the magic of the bandhas - yoga's energetic locks?

You can join the waiting list for my upcoming bandha course here, and learn more about it here.

See you soon, and enjoy the class,

Floss x

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