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Arm Balance, Inversions, and Bandha Workshop Series
Arm Balance, Inversions, and Bandha Workshop Series
Multiple Dates
10 Feb 2024, 10:00

Exploring Inversions: A Philosophical and Practical Journey in Yoga


* Bring your own yoga mat *

Saturday October 21st, 10.30 am - 1. 30 pm
Upstairs, Thrive, 5-7 Norfolk Street, Cambridge CB1 2LD

Cost: £25 Earlybird (ends Oct 7th), £35 Standard.

You are invited to this fun and community-orientated workshop where we will explore inversions from a philosophical and practical perspective.


This 3-hour workshop will begin with a short, non-judgemental discussion on inversions in yoga and our mentality around them. Are we nervous or reluctant to go upside down, telling ourselves we are not strong enough? Or perhaps we can't wait to go upside down and show the rest of the class what we are made of! Bringing these thought patterns to the surface in a non-judgemental way can have a transformative effect on our practice as we delve further into inversions.


From this friendly and open discussion, we will be introduced to the history and philosophy of yoga in relation to inversions. For example, did you know that ancient sources suggest that yogic inversions are much older than most of the yoga poses we practice today; but perhaps not in the way we would expect!


We will then move on to a 2-hour embodied inversion practice focussing on downward dog, headstand, forearmstand, and handstand to grasp the anatomical, biomechanical, and gravitational aspects, including the yogic anatomical science of the 'bandhas' or energetic locks. There will be variations for everyone, including beginners, through the use of props and hands-on assists, and most of the practice will involve using the wall for support, as opposed to inverting ‘freestanding.’


A small class size with 10 students maximum will allow for plenty of 1-2-1 teacher attention so you feel safe and supported in exploring your inversion practice.


We will close with a short relaxation so we leave feeling balanced and rejuvenated.


A free glass of juice will be available at the start and here will be plenty of opportunity for rest breaks throughout. You are welcome to purchase hot drinks from Thrive downstairs for the first session or break, and you are welcome to stay afterward to purchase refreshments/ lunch and continue chatting with your fellow yogis.


All levels of yoga practitioner are welcomeIf you are new to inversions, this workshop offers a fun, friendly and informative environment to begin your journey. However, if you have never practiced yoga before, this workshop may not be for you,  as some prior yoga experience is necessary.


Arrive for 10.30 am start. You are welcome to arrive a little early to purchase a delicious hot drink from Thrive for the first session. A free glass of juice will be available in the break to keep us energised. 


Part 1: Understanding Inversions (10.30 am - 11.25 am)

· Discussing the psychology of inversions

· Exploring the historical context and philosophy of inversions


Short break - free juice or feel free to purchase a hot beverage.


Part 2: Practicing Inversions (11.30 am - 1.00 pm)

· Embodied yoga warmup

· Hands-on practice of inversions in an accessible and beginner-friendly way (poses include downward facing dog, headstand, forearm stand, handstand).

· Insight into anatomical and biomechanical aspects throughout

· Breaks throughout


Part 3: Relaxation and Reflection (1.00 pm - 1.30 pm)

· Closing session with deep relaxation

· Leave feeling balanced and rejuvenated



· Date: Saturday October 21st 2023

· Time: 10.30 am – 1.30 pm (3 hours)

· Location: Upstairs. Thrive Cambridge, Thrive, 5-7 Norfolk Street, Cambridge CB1 2LD

· Cost: £25 early bird (before 7 October), £35 standard.

*Please bring your own yoga mat as the studio does not provide them! You can also bring props - a block and strap - if you have them!*


Limited spaces: book now to avoid disappointment!

Any questions? Email:


We look forward to sharing this transformative experience with you.

Floss xx

I am so excited to be hosting my first-ever workshop under the banner of Philosophy and Yoga this October in Cambridge. Combining accessible philosophy and practice in a fun, friendly and engaging way, please join us for what will be a very special exploration of yoga inversions, suitable for beginners to more experienced practitioners!

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