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Weekly Yoga Classes in Cambridge





I discovered yoga around 4 years ago and there is absolutely no doubt that it has hugely changed my life for the better. But then again, I don’t think you can find a yoga teacher who will say otherwise!

Yoga has a plethora of benefits but ultimately it is a practice- a journey- which, like life, changes and transforms as you continue on the path. At the beginning, it may be the physical practice of poses, yoga asana, that draws you in. This physical side of ‘stretching’ and ‘strengthening’ is most often associated with yoga today in the West.  However, over time, as we continue traversing the path and deepening our practice, we become more attuned to the subtler depths of experience that yoga opens up for us. Put simply, we become more aware, enabling us to take this practice of meditative awareness from the yoga mat to our everyday lives, in a process of reflection in the pursuit of self knowledge.

Self-knowledge is at the centre of my yoga practice and philosophy.

I have completed over 250-hours of yoga teacher trainings over the past two and a half years, covering the spiritual, philosophical, and anatomical aspects of a practice which are rooted in the pursuit of knowledge and awareness.

As well as my professional qualifications, I am committed to the continual deepening of my personal practice, studying under various teachers in London, Cambridge, and online, whom I am indebted to. I also study Philosophy of Religion (M.Phil.,) at The University of Cambridge where I am attracted to the contemplative and mystical philosophies of Indian religions and neo-Platonism.

Had my first yoga experience with Floss. Would highly recommend to practice with her!
Floss has a calming and welcoming style. I really like the pace and focus of the classes. 

Sha Bhavya, India

Alex, UK