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Is this course for you?

This course is for students who want to deepen their experience and understanding of yoga asana (posture) through an anatomical and embodied exploration of the fundamental yoga poses – from downward facing dog, to warrior 1 and plank.

Underpinned by proprioception – the sense of the body in space – in this course we build somatic and embodied awareness in the body, increasing our sensuous capacity to find alignment, balance, and ‘good’ posture from the inside out, both on and off the mat.

Throughout the course, we explore the body's natural rhythms and intricacies, from the sensations and bearing of weight in our hands and feet, to the graceful spirals in our arms, and the interplay between the heart and the belly. These explorations serve as a springboard for discovering alignment in various poses from a perspective of internal feeling and balance. ‘Good’ posture is not about a pose ‘looking’ right from the outside, but feeling right from the inside, as we realise there is no final or end point. We are not static, but dynamic beings; yoga is a journey, as is posture, on and off the mat

Over three sessions, in this course you will build amazing foundations for your yoga practice in a more embodied and somatic way than is conventionally taught in Western yoga classes, helping you find better posture on and off the mat from the inside out, through improving proprioception (the sense of you body in space) and internal balance.

If you want to feel better in your body and feel more empowered about your posture and balance, then this course is for you!

Your Teacher

Hey, I'm Floss! I have been teaching yoga for over five years but out of all the trainings I have done, studying Embodied Anatomy has been the most life-changing! It has transformed my personal practice, and my teaching style. I am therefore delighted to be sharing the central tenets of this approach through this Embodied Anatomy-inspired online course; Posture through Proprioception.


Proprioception is your body's sense of itself in space. Through embodied techniques incorporating imagery, metaphor, and movement aligning with the natural rhythms of the body, this approach is subtle yet profound. We connect to our body more deeply, through foundations, waves, and spirals, finding our own alignment from the inside out. Try this 3-part introductory course and I promise you won't be disappointed!

Course overview

Video 1: Foundations (38 mins)
This sessions explores foundations - how we connect to the earth in poses and in life - to find balance from the ground up, through weight bearing on our hands and our feet.



Video 2: Internal and External Rotation (32 mins)
In this session, we explore internal and external rotation, primarily in the arms, trying to understand what are often confusing yoga ques regarding rotation in an embodied way.

Video 3: Heart to Belly (29 mins)
In this session, we explore the core and spine through the heart-belly connection, helping us find alignment and balance from our centre out.

Total video time: 103 minutes​



Ready to join?

If you're ready to foster a deeper connection with your body, enhance your posture on your terms, and refine your balance both on and off the mat, then this course is for you. ​Ready to join this transformative journey towards greater embodiment and self-awareness? 

Enjoy the course!

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