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Embodied Anatomy & Bandha for Inversions Online Course

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Bandhas are yoga's energetic locks and have their origins in the tantric period of medieval India. While modern yogi's uses of the bandhas may have different goals to that of medieval yogis, we can nonethless learn alot from the theory of knowledge that underpinned medieval approaches to the bandhas (as well as chakras!), prioritising the role of the imagination and meditation to access and form energetic alignment in the body. Combining embodied anatomy, an approach inspired by tantric origins, this course seeks to introduce you to the bandhas - theoretically and practically - to offer you fantastic foundations for your yoga and inversion practice. Through the bandhas, you will activate your own inner strength and alignment to improve in a variety of poses and in your confidence in them, without using 'brute strength' or necesserily needing more muscle mass. These techniques have transformed my practice, and that of my students, and they can do the same for you too!




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