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Black Lives Matter.

I haven’t been blogging lately or posting much on my social media.

As a white woman who has grown up with more privilege than others, I question what I could or should say; perhaps I just shouldn’t say anything?

But I have also become aware that silence is deadly.

Especially when concerned with circles of yoga, spirituality and philosophy, it is easy to “bypass” judgment and opt for a neutral stance void of politic. After all, these systems of knowledge are built on the ideal that this knowledge transcends human differences of race, class and gender: Yoga, spirituality and philosophy are themselves the search for a higher truth.

But this pursuit itself comes from a place of privilege and it is vital to acknowledge how knowledge is produced and for whom it is accessible.

Relating to yoga, that involves examining how the practice has been influenced and shaped through the history of India's colonisation; and questioning how "ancient" or "authentic" our practices might be. It also involves re-examining yoga today and asking if we are doing enough so as many people as possible can access spaces and reap the benefits of the practice, not just a particular privileged few.


At this time, I am listening, learning, educating myself, talking, supporting and checking. I am challenging my deep-held beliefs each day. And I vow to continue doing what I can to challenge my own prejudices, to help make the world a better, more equal and honest place.

Love and Light

Floss x

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