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If I said proprioception was central to my yoga classes, would you know what I am talking about?

If you have practiced yoga with me before, you might know that my class is a little different to many other yoga and fitness classes. I really encourage students to listen to their body, slow down and connect more deeply to it, in order to go further than we think we can, learning lots on the way...

But if I said proprioception was central to my yoga classes and personal practice, would you know what I am talking about? Let's find out!

What is proprioception?!

Proprioception is the sense of your body in space.

Proprioception helps us organise our body, finding positioning in physical yoga through our sense of self-movement, force and body position.

But our sense of proprioception is more of an art than a science... it is filled with magical potential.

As the mind's map of the body, the terrain of our proprioceptive map can be deepened, enquired into, explored and expanded.

We can add layers and depth to our proprioceptive map, through movement, embodied enquiry, the imagination, language, and imagery.

Often this enquiry is surprising as we explore the body through unlikely metaphors: inviting images of plants, animals, ideas, and qualities in to the embodied enquiry of our practice.

The body is filled with creative potential (some call this Shakti, Spirit, or life force). With embodied enquiry, there are new, endless and often surprising experiential possibilities.

This embodied enquiry does not just lead us to 'discover' new facts about our body. Rather, it leads us to embody our experience in new and unexpected ways.

Want to deepen and explore your sense of proprioception?

Join my new online course: Posture Through Proprioception!

This course aims to improve posture on and off the mat from the inside out through proprioception (the sense of you body in space) centred yoga based on the principles of embodied anatomy.

Over three sessions, in this course you will build amazing foundations for your yoga practice in a more embodied and somatic way than is conventionally taught in Western yoga classes, helping you find better posture on and off the mat from the inside out.

What are you waiting for?!

If now's not the time for you, no worries! I hope to see you soon, on the mat or online.


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