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Interested in learning more about the history and philosophy of Yoga? Well this introductory talk is for you! Ideal for yoga teachers wanting to consolidate their knowledge, keen yoga students, and those who are just curious! 


This talk focuses on the early development of yoga, from the Pre Vedic, Vedic and Upanishadic periods, suggesting how 'yoga' as a distinct school of thought and practice (in the form of Patanjali's Yoga Sutra, the first 'orthodox' yogic text) emerged through these periods.


Acknowledging how yoga has changed over time - and how yoga continues to change in the present - allows us to orientate ourselves and our practice in relation to yogas of the past, within the context of an evolving tradition. From this awareness, we can become active participants in this ongoing and evolving journey of the philosophy and history of yoga.

Part 1: Introduction to the Philosophy and History of Yoga Recording

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