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Yoga + Me

Hi! My name is Florence (Floss for short) and I am a yoga teacher and scholar-practitioner of embodied approaches to philosophy, embracing traditions of both the East and West. 


Through community-orientated workshops, events, and regular classes, I help people explore yoga and embodied philosophy as a way of life.

My yoga classes are are orientated around proprioception – the sense of the body in space – encouraging students to embody their anatomy, and adopt a curious, sensitive, and graceful attitude of self-enquiry which will leave them relaxed, spacious and grounded.


You can find me teaching classes and running events in Cambridge, where I have just completed my Masters in Philosophy of Religion with Sanskrit at the University of Cambridge. 

Yoga + Me

 Current Teaching Schedule from november 2023

​10 - 11.15AM eMBODIED fLOW, camyoga
1.00 - 1.45pm Lunchtime flow, Floatwell
​5.30 - 6.30pm Core yoga, Floatwell

6pm - 7pm all-levels, YMCA Trinity Cambridge
7.30-8.30pm Open Yoga, Impington Leisure Centre
Sundays (alternate)

11 am - 12 pm relaxing yoga, FloATWELL
 In my signature Embodied Flow style
  I also teach a range of private classes at Cambridge colleges and for individual clients. Email to enquire!

My Teaching Style

Embodiment and Yoga

The yoga we practice today looks pretty different from yoga 2000 years ago (a practice exclusively for renunciate ascetics seeking enlightenment), but that's ok. Yoga - and embodied practice more broadly - can still become a transformative way of life which is hugely beneficial for us today, via the cultivation of awareness, presence and attention through movement and breath. From practicing on the mat, slowly we begin to allow such presence to expand into our daily lives off the mat, allowing for a fuller and more joyful human experience.

Yoga Training

I have over 300 hours of YTT training and four and a half years of teaching experience. I completed my first 200-hours Yoga Teacher Training in Traditional Tantra and Hatha Yoga and Meditation in India in 2019. Since then, I have completed over 40 hours of Embodied Anatomy Training with Franklin-Method Trained teacher Mollie McLelland Morris, 40 hours of Core Strength Vinyasa training with Sadie Nardini, and hours of training in The Art of Assisting with Jivamukti Senior Teacher, Andrea Kwiatkowski. My teaching draws inspiration from the yoga styles and teachers I regularly practice with, including dynamic practices such as Rocket and Jivamukti Yoga, to subtler more explorative styles such as Scaravelli.  Ecstatic dance, meditation, and breathwork.

Philosophical Training

Ongoing philosophical enquiry - drawing from the East and West - deeply inspires and underpins my practice. I have studied Philosophy of Religion for three years at the University of Cambridge, exploring Christian, Hindu and Buddhist traditions, receiving my Masters in Philosophy of Religion with Sanskrit in 2023. I have also studied Yoga and Philosophy with Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies, completing three further educational courses, and have also studied philosophy practically in India and Nepal.


I help people explore yoga, embodiment and embodied philosophy as ways of life through classes, workshops, and community-orientated events.

As well as teaching regular weekly classes (currently in Cambridge) I also cater for private 1-2-1 sessions, corporate classes, specialist workshops and more. Please reach out if you are interested to discuss how I can best serve you!

Get in touch at:

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My teaching style



Linh, Cambridge

Floss is an amazing teacher who balances the meditative side of yoga with fitness beautifully. She always ensures there are lots of options and adjustments for all levels, and her class is something for me to look forward to every week!


Jessica, Bristol 

Floss has an original, explorative and inspiring yoga style that brings me back to her classes time and again. As one of her students, and yoga teacher myself, I can wholeheartedly recommend her. There is a depth and intelligence to her classes because she engages you with both the anatomical processes and the more holistic yoga philosophy. She draws on her Tantric yoga training and her more recent education in embodied yoga, and through her classes, teaches students to find their own connection to their bodies and to this wisdom. You can expect a gently challenging and informative class given by a fun, friendly teacher.


Georgia, Cambridge

The classes have been fantastic, and the variety between classes has kept it fun and interesting. The poses always have options to make them harder or easier which I’ve found to be really good! Overall the classes are amazing, the general environment of the classes is very relaxing and I’ve found them to be super enjoyable.


If you are interested in joining group classes or would like to get in touch about private classes or special workshops or events, please email or reach out below. 

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