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Welcome to the power of the bandhas.


'Bandha' is Sanskrit for 'lock' and, in yoga, refers to energetic locks in the body which help us maintain efficient energy and posture. There are three main bandhas we talk about in yoga: the pelvic floor, the diaphragm, and the neck, but we also talk about bandhas in the hands and the feet. You can learn more about them in my blog post here. 


The bandhas are yoga's secret to effortless, graceful and light inversions. In this online workshop series, we will learn techniques to access our bandhas and revolutionise our inversion practice.


Through this series, you can expect to:

  • Build strength, stability and confidence in your inversion practice through the magic of the bandhas.

  • Learn about and embody the science of the yogic 'bandhas' or energetic locks, through biomechanics, and embodied anatomy to help you find strength, stability, and lift in more efficient ways for your body and practice (this is life-changing!). 

  • Cover poses including down-dog, headstand, forearm stand, and handstand, using the wall or freestanding (you don't have to try freestanding unless you want to). 

  • Find encouragement as you explore inversions and arm balances in a safe, friendly, and community-orientated online environment.

as a way of life

In this 3-part online workshop series, we will open ourselves to the magic of the bandhas to revolutionise our inversion practice, whatever level you are at.


The course overall really helped me gain an understanding of some of the basics that have helped my overall practice become so much stronger. In the past, I have always found my wrists hurting when I would do inversions and arm balances - or even just from planks! But now I feel so much stronger with how I use my hands owing to the hasta bandha technique Floss taught. I really improved every week getting stronger and more confident! 

Mallory, Cambridge

Is this series for you?

If you're ready to up your inversion game like never before through the deep power of the bandhas, then you are ready to join this course.


This course is suitable for those with at least one year's yoga experience, who are happy in downdog and are beginning or ready to explore inversions such as headstand, as well as those who are more experienced with yoga inversions but want to access their bandhas in order to find more lightness, grace and ease..

Enjoy the course!

Ready to join?

Each workshop is £20 or join all three for £45, saving £15!

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